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An Old Swedish Custom
Place a Swedish Pepparkakor in the Palm of your hand. Then, make a wish. Using the index finger of your free hand, tap the cookie in the middle. Swedish tradition states that if the Pepparkakor breaks into three peices, your wish will come true. If the Pepparkakor does not break into three pieces, you'll just have to savor the cookie in smaller portions.

Eating Pepparkakor can make you a nicer person.
As early as the 19th century, it was already common knowledge in Sweden that eating Pepparkakor makes you a nicer person. Exactly why this is so is not known. Gastronomes (Lovers of Fine Foods) surmise that it has to do with the natural spices and fiber in the cookie, which aid in the digestive process by reducing the acid in the stomach. Others, less scientific but perhaps as credible, suggest that keeping a person's mouth occupied by savoring the taste of Pepparkakor leaves little room for idle conversation and adds to the peace and quiet Swedes are known to cherish. This certainly would seem to make some people nicer to be around.

It's anybody's guess. However, regardless of the reason, you'll feel better, and people who feel better are nicer people. We hope you enjoy the cookie as much as we enjoy your company.

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