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Meet our Horses

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Charger - One of our manager, Shilo's, personal favorites. Charger came from our own horseshoer.

Hershey, Coco, Macaroni, Snickers - We must have been hungry when we named these horses!

Stormy - Used to be in Dixie Stampede Show.

Skipper - Horse that has been working at BCL the longest.

Apache - Takes his halter and bridle off the minute you tie him up- we call him “Houdini."

Pistol, Cody, and Buster - All brothers….and their dad, Tardy is also a trail horse at DWC.

Paint and Coco - Came from Clay Self, cowboy entertainer at BCL. Paint is Coco’s uncle.

Chester and Festus
- The most popular ponies.

Goober - Our unofficial mascot pony.

Pete and Barney - The friendliest draft horses! They will go out of their way to get petted.

King - Award-winning rodeo horse.

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